Rosé, Lee Ji Ah, and Kim Go Eun Gathered for Dinner Together 2022 #Celebrity

Despite having heavy schedules, actresses Lee Ji Ah and Kim Go Eun and New Zealand singer Rosé of BLACKPINK managed to make a space to meet up and have dinner together. From the comfort of the home of one of the actresses, the three celebrities met after a long time to live and have a good time together.

Rose, Lee Jiah Y Kim Go Eun gathered to enjoy a delicious Dinner at the house of one of the actresses. This is how Lee Ji Ah shared it on social networks with a tender Photography.

Although she is currently preparing for BLACKPINK’s comeback, Rosé did not miss the opportunity to meet her friends, actresses Lee Ji Ah and Kim Go Eun, and enjoy dinner at the home of one of the actresses.

The photo that Lee Ji Ah shared made the celebrity fans too emotional, as it had been a while since they were last seen together, so they are glad that they remain friends.

Rosé, Lee Ji Ah, and Kim Go Eun had dinner together at the home of one of the actresses.

Through Instagram, actress Lee Ji Ah shared a photo of herself having dinner with Kim Go Eun and Rose from BLACKPINK. Photography that quickly became a trend for fans who did not stop sharing it.

In the photo, the three celebrities can be seen dressed in a casual and relaxed way, as if they were preparing to have a sleepover. And her face without makeup drew a lot of attention, as they all look completely fresh and beautiful. At the table you can see that they enjoyed a delicious dinner, perhaps fast food, since it seems that the dishes are on disposable plates.

Although the Photography caused great emotion among the fans, Lee Jiah he quickly deleted it for unknown reasons. However, many fans had already captured and shared on other social networks. Without a doubt, it is seen that the stars spent a quite pleasant night. You can see the photo here:

Where did BLACKPINK’s Rosé, Lee Ji Ah, and Kim Go Eun meet?

Li Ji Ah and Kim Go Eun were MCs on the show. Sea of ​​Hope, alongside stars Lee Dong Wook and Onew. On that show they met Rosé, who was a guest star in several of the episodes. They soon developed a beautiful friendship that they continue to maintain and nurture. Without a doubt, they enjoyed a pleasant moment while having dinner.

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