Rosé Prepared A Dinner for Lisa and Showed it Off on Instagram 2022 #celebrity

Rosé: After her meeting with (G)I-DLE’s Minnie, TWICE’s Jihyo, and Mina, Lisa went straight to Rosé’s house to have dinner together. The New Zealand singer did not hesitate to show her culinary skills and decided to prepare the entire dinner for her groupmate while the Thai had fun with Rosé’s puppy.

Rose and Lisa of BLACKPINK They had dinner together recently. This was demonstrated through her Instagram stories where Rosé demonstrated her great talent in the kitchen and how he prepared several cymbals specials for the thai.

For BLACKPINK fans, the incredible relationship that Rosé and Lisa have is no secret, both artists are very close since their time as trainees in YG Entertainment and working in the same group has made their friendship more and more beautiful and durable.

For this reason, when BLINK saw that Rosé prepared a special dinner for Lisa, they were happy to see them hanging out together and enjoying some quality time in the midst of their individual activities and possible comeback preparations as a group.

Rosé took over the kitchen and cooked dinner for Lisa.

Through her Instagram stories, Rosé shared a video in which she has several vegetables in water, showing how she washed them, ready to start cooking as soon as they were clean. Although at the beginning of her story she did not reveal much information about what dish she would prepare, BLACKPINK’s Lisa did not hesitate to show the results of the dinner that Rosé made for her.

After Rosé shared her story washing vegetables, Lisa was quick to show off the results of the dinner the New Zealander made. In the story, you can see the vegetables cut into fine pieces and distributed on different plates, perfect for preparing a salad. In her story, Lisa added a ‘Wow, wow’ and tagged Rosé, confirming to her fans that she was meeting her groupmate.

Lisa took the opportunity to play with Hank while Rosé cooked

In addition to the result of the dinner, Lisa also shared an adorable video of herself playing with Hank, Rosé’s puppy. Who happily received the prizes awarded by the Thai after doing a couple of tricks. This, while Rosé was still cooking for both of them.

Some fans may have noticed that Lisa’s sweater sleeve is identical to the outfit she appears in on her outing with Mina, Jihyo, and Minnie. So many believe that after living with the 97-line she went to Rosé’s house to have dinner together. Without a doubt, it was quite a happy and busy day for the Thai.

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