RUN BTS! Premieres New Episode, Best Moments of Telepathy Part 1 2022 #Celebrity

[ad_RUN BTS! came back after a while with a new chapter. The members of the South Korean group performed different activities blindfolded and shared entertaining moments with their peers. Here are some of the best moments from Telepathy part one of RUN BTS!

BTS has a new chapter for one of its most emblematic programs: RUN BTS!After several months of not releasing new chapters for one of ARMY’s favorite shows, the group returned with the first part of approximately 35 minutes in which the group had very funny moments.

The new episode of RUN BTS! is available with the option of several languages ​​on the YouTube platform, where fans can enjoy the special content that bts prepared for them. These are some of the best moments from the show.

BTS faced various challenges in the new Telepathy episode of RUN BTS!

The members of BTS are back in a new episode for one of their most popular shows: RUN BTS! After a while without having a new chapter, fans were finally able to enjoy a new account of the adventures of the reunited group.

As part of the first episode, the group did not miss the opportunity to toast together and talk about various topics. Although the program was also full of fun and fun activities.

At the beginning of the show, each of the members was blindfolded and asked to stand in line even though they were unable to see anything. taehyung He couldn’t help but get lost and got too far from the group, finally being pulled by the staff so he could be with his teammates.

In addition to that, the members of the group bts They also imitated when they are lying in bed and the cell phone falls on their faces, completely amused the viewers with their expressions.

RUN BTS! has a new intro along with one of the group’s new songs

For the new season of the reality show, the intro was changed with concept photos from the new album by bts called Proof. In addition to that, the song RUN BTS It was the one used to musicalize the program, taking advantage of the fact that both had the same name. Did you like the new intro of the show?

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