Sana and Momo reveal secrets of their unbreakable friendship 2022 #celebrity

Sana and Momo reveal secrets of their unbreakable friendship 2022 #celebrity

During the promotions for Between 1&2, various members of TWICE were on Neighbor Star K2 and told some interesting stories, one of which was about Sana and Momo’s friendship.

It’s been almost 7 years since TWICE debuted, the nine members have known each other since they were trainees, however some of them became close once the K-Pop group introduced the official lineup.

Since then, TWICE has remained as a team on stage, but also as a group of friends who always encourage each other, support each other and share many moments together.

Sana and Momo are a special case, both idols are originally from Japan and became friends since they moved to South Korea to become trainees of JYPnow they share some secrets you didn’t know about their connection.

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TWICE’s Sana and Momo have never fought since they became friends

TWICE is promoting their new album Bewteen 1&2as well as the simple talk that talkfor that reason NayeonMomo and Sana visited the Neighbor Star K2 show and shared various sweet and funny stories from their experiences through the years they have shared together.

When the MC commented that it is said that Fury Y momo they didn’t fight for about 4 years after their debut, they couldn’t help but laugh, but they pointed out that they have actually known each other for 10 years and in all that time they have never really fought, although they admitted that they did have a mishap that put them at risk its closeness.

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TWICE: Someone put Momo and Sana’s friendship at risk, what happened?

The idols They said that a long time ago, when they were still younger, there was a person who tried to separate them, so they moved away a little and both were sad about it.

When they met and were able to talk, both said ‘having heard things’, but expressing it made them see that in reality there was no problem between them and that everything was a misunderstanding caused by someone else. AWW!

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TWICE’s Sana And Momo Celebrated 10 Years Of Friendship— Here Are 5 Adorable Ways They Show Their Close Bond
Here are some of the ways you can tell they’re close!

TWICE’s Japanese-line includes both members, as well as Mina. They’ve had a tight relationship since their trainee days, when they were navigating a new culture and language together.

TWICE’s Sana and Momo celebrated their friendship on Instagram. “You’ve worked hard for these ten years, my best buddy,” Sana captioned the photo. Let’s keep having fun, Momo-rin!” Momo replied in the comments, “Congratulations on your tenth anniversary!” Let’s have a good time for the rest of our lives.”

Here are 5 charming ways Sana and Momo from TWICE display their friendship!

1. They vacation together

When you train, work, and live with other members of a group, you’re going to want to spend some time away during breaks. Instead, Sana and Momo frequently share scheduling breaks! This was demonstrated in their Hawaii trip vlog.

2. On stage, they taunt each other.

Fans noticed Momo kicking the back of Sana’s knees during their “III” tour. They captured Sana’s lighthearted retaliation on camera.
3. They conduct VLIVE late-night dance parties.
Momo and Sana surprised us with a 2-hour VLIVE featuring dance renditions of various K-Pop singers on January 16, 2021. BTS, 2PM, Girls’ Generation, Miss A, and other artists were represented in the dance covers.

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