Sandman: Image of Morpheus’ Castle in The Series is Revealed

Sandman: A new promotional image of the adaptation of The Sandman was released, presenting more details of the rich universe of the new Netflix series. In the photo, shared exclusively by Total Film magazine, we get a glimpse of Morpheus’ (Tom Sturridge) aka Dream Master’s thirst for power.

The series will show the protagonist returning to retrieve the Dream after 75 years in prison, which explains the apparent poor state of the castle in the image. However, its grandeur and elegance are still present in the beautiful windows and huge arches.

Recently, new images were also released on the series’ official Twitter. In one of them, it is possible to see Morpheus with his sister, Death (played by Kirby Howell-Baptiste), in a scene that seems to recreate the first time the characters meet in the comics.

These images were first featured at the Netflix Geeked 2022 event, which also featured a new trailer for the series, which revealed its premiere date. The Sandman arrives on Netflix on August 5th.

Larry Brown

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