Scenes of Song Kang Crying Where Viewers Were Touched 2022 #Celebrity

Song Kang has impressed thousands of drama lovers in different projects he has worked on, and his scenes are capable of moving even the hardest of hearts. Many of the scenes she cried about her have caused the same viewers to shed tears as well. Which are the best?

Song Kang continues to impress and move thousands with each of his performances. The actor has ventured into all kinds of drama genres and shown characters with completely different personalities from each other. Song Kang never disappoints with his crying scenes.

Song Kang He has participated in great productions such as the romantic drama Love Alarm, the moving story of Navillera and the suspense series Sweet Home. In many of these, he has shown his talent by shedding tears and moving the viewers.

If you want to relive moments of Song Kang crying in some dramas or just want to see how well the actor cries, this compilation of moments will make you choke up.

Song Kang’s scenes where his crying broke viewers’ hearts

the drama Love Alarm It was a whirlwind of emotions for all the fans, especially for the relationship between Sun Oh and Jojo. For this reason, in one of the scenes in the first season when Sun Oh is still sounding Jojo’s alarm, all the viewers cried along with him.

  • Forecasting Love and Weather

Another drama that did not disappoint fans by being a whirlwind of emotions was Forecasting Love and Weather. There is nothing more dramatic than a fight in the rain, and the scene where Song Kang cries while being drenched by heavy rain made fans cry too.

  • When the Devil calls your name

Another touching scene happens in the drama When the Devil calls your Name Song Kang has memories of a secret that he cannot reveal to anyone, especially the person who meets him and ends up apologizing in tears.

None None It also has a scene in the rain that ended up breaking the hearts of all fans. Although the relationship of the protagonists was stormy throughout the series, this scene caused the fans to be very moved.

Navillera’s final scene broke the hearts of many viewers. When the protagonist’s Alzheimer’s had advanced enough to not recognize his ballet teacher. However, he was able to remember one of his dance moves, causing Song Kang to start crying in tears.

In other news, Song Kang took part in a recent photo shoot for Nylon Japan and revealed a darker, more mature side of him. Have you seen the photos of him?

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