Schedules and Where To Watch The Live Broadcast

BTS: The excitement for the new BTS album continues to increase, the BigHit singers have just announced another plan on their agenda and it is a program that will be broadcast live to present the album to fans, this is Proof Live.

BTS comeback with their album proof is only a few days away from its premiere, the idols will be promoting Yet To Come but before that happens they have delighted the fans with the different releases that they marked on the calendar of their return.

Until now, there was a scheduled announcement that remained secret and was simply marked with three question marks, but the surprise has already been revealed, since the band of K-Pop has just announced a new live show that can be seen from anywhere in the world.

This show is named after Proof Live and here we tell you what you should know about it, what it is about and when to see it according to the schedule which corresponds to your country.

What is BTS Proof Live? What we can expect from the show

Apparently, Proof Live will be a program that will be broadcast live and in it, the boys of BTS will present melodies that are part of their new album, something like a come back showcase like the ones we usually see in the K-Pop industry.

The show was filmed in the middle of the desert and we had already seen some footage of it in the Proof of Inspiration clips, however it was not known where those shots belonged until now.

The boys of BTS will have a special guest and will sing several of their melodies, however we still do not know which of them will be part of the special event.

When and where to see BTS on Proof Live? Live broadcast schedule

The presentation that the members of BTS enlisted will be broadcast on the YouTube channel BANGTANTV on June 13, 2022, the times in which you can see the show are

  • 6:00 AM Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica
  • 7:00 AM Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Panama, Ecuador
  • 8:00 AM Paraguay, Cuba, Venezuela, Chile, Bolivia, Puerto Rico
  • 9:00 AM Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina
  • 2:00 PM Spain

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