Selena Gomez Wants To Give Up Her Career As A Singer and Actress?

Selena Gomez ready to end her career as a singer and actress? In any case, it seems sure to stop everything in the medium term.

She had already cut her social networks, will she stop her career? According to rumors, Selena Gomez could stop everything. Will the singer and actress go that far?


Because several times, the artist has mentioned a stop in his career. Indeed, between the lack of recognition and the waves of hatred on social networks, she has experienced complicated moments. She even stopped all her accounts for a long time.

“Finally, I’m going to be fed up with all this”, she says during the show TA TA TU Giving Back Generation. Selena Gomez thinks to crack. And therefore stop her careers as a singer and actress.

While Disney+ has just signed a third season for its series Only Murders in the Building, the star has been showing signs of fatigue for a while. “I hope to get married and be a mother. And so, take some time for her.

Especially since Selena Gomez has made many commitments in recent years. Especially when it comes to mental health. She therefore intends to “probably dedicate the major part of (s)a life to philanthropy. »

The artist has already warned: her career as a singer will very soon be on hold. Both tired and disappointed, she had launched a bombshell last year. His next album will probably be the last of his career.


“It’s hard to keep making music when people don’t necessarily take you seriously,” the artist said. I had times when I was like, ‘What’s the point? Why do I keep doing this?’ »

Especially since Selena Gomez felt real pride when Lose You to Love Me was released. “I thought it was the best song I had ever released. But for some people, that still wasn’t enough. »

Stress and fatigue for low recognition: the singer seems tired. “I think the next time I do an album it will be different. I want to try one last time before I retire. Retreat, the word is out.

But Selena Gomez has a desire: “to settle”. In this perspective of a new life, a source slips to Entertainment Tonight that the singer “is more open to love” than she could be before. “She is also much more focused on herself and her work”

This relative therefore slips with American TV that the artist seems ready to change his life. Maybe not right away, but she’s starting to think about it more and more seriously. It remains to be seen whether it is a short or medium term before a well-deserved retirement…

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