Seo Ye Ji’s outfits in Eve, Looks Full of Elegance and Glamor 2022 #Celebrity

Seo Ye Ji brings Lee Rael to life in a drama of ambition, betrayal, and revenge, but as the leading lady gets closer to her goal, we fall in love with her mesmerizing outfits full of luxury that never go unnoticed.

among the multiple K-Dramas that are airing through tvN we find the story of Evea series that tells the life of lee rael. This girl used to have a happy life, but when her father lost his life, all that vanished. Now she is out for revenge and will not stop until the end, but the main target of hers is the CEO of LY Group.

The korean actress Seo Yeji marked her return to dramas taking the leading role of Eve while playing Lee Rael, so throughout the plot we see this girl doing her thing, causing damage and without any trace of remorse.

But this girl always goes hand in hand with glamor and the best of Korean fashion, so here we show you some of the outfits of Seo Ye Ji in the kdrama where he wore luxury and glamor in his outfits.

Eve: Seo Ye Ji’s most memorable looks as Lee Ra El

Let’s start with the outfit that Rael wore just before receiving a slap in previous episodes, the character wears a white coat, slim fit and with large buttons. Her look with a clean and refined vibe was complemented by the hairstyle of the actress, who on that occasion completely tied her hair.

One of the most memorable looks from the beginning of the drama was the golden dress that the girl wore during a dance performance that made Seo Ye Ji look great and stunning.

The shine continued with a red dress, the main detail of this outfit is found in the sleeves, because in addition to starting at the bottom of the shoulders, it has a fall that steals the eye.

Extravagance and charm accompanied Lee Rael with the emerald green dress that she combined with a black headdress for her hair. The huge flower on his shoulder is the key to this look.

We saw a less glamorous but equally fashionable outfit when the protagonist wore a long rosewood skirt, which she combined with a black blouse where we again see striking details in the shape of the sleeves.

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