SEVENTEEN Announce SECTOR 17, When is The Album Released? 2022 #Celebrity

SEVENTEEN: After the great sales success of Face the Sun, SEVENTEEN is ready to come back with a repackage album called SECTOR 17. This was announced by Pledis Entertainment through the group’s official social networks. What is known so far about your new album?

SEVENTEEN will launch a new repackage album called SECTOR 17 and announced it with a striking and interesting teaser. Carat around the world can not hide their excitement for the return of the group.

Despite only coming back a few weeks ago, SEVENTEEN is ready to come back with a new repackage album. After the great success of Face the Sun, the group wants to continue climbing and excite their fans with more material.

For that reason, Pledis announced the return of SEVENTEEN with a repackage album for the month of July. News that excited all their fans around the world who can’t wait to see the group’s new material.

SEVENTEEN Announces Repackage Album SECTOR 17 With Eye-Catching Teaser

Through an eye-catching teaser, Pledis Entertainment announced that a new SEVENTEEN repackage album, titled: SECTOR 17, would be released soon. Fans of the group cannot hide their excitement at the release of this album, hoping that it will include some songs. new.

In the teaser revealed you can see a taxi that has ‘FROM SUN’ on its license plate and turning around you can see the thirteen members standing, staring at the camera while behind them appear bright neon advertisements, in what looks like a station bus, train or air terminal. You can see the teaser here:

When does SECTOR 17 of SEVENTEEN premiere?

SEVENTEEN’s new SECTOR 17 repackage album will be officially released on July 18 at 6:00 p.m. (KST). So far the presale is not available, however more information is expected to be released in the coming days. Are you going to buy his new album?

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