SEVENTEEN Describes What Their Relationship In The Group is Really Like

SEVENTEEN is promoting their new comeback and interviews with the band members can’t be missed. How did the idols respond when an interviewer asked them about the relationship they share as partners?

Before starting their world tour, SEVENTEEN delighted CARAT with a new comeback that is being lived to the fullest. The idols are promoting on Korean TV music shows, but they have also given interviews for different parts of the world.

Curiosity about what that K-Pop group captured on their new album, as well as plans for their new tour have been the main topics of conversation, but they also shared a little about how the bond they share has strengthened.

The idols of K-Pop They had an interview for the American radio program Zach Sang Show and here we tell you what they said about their connection.

SEVENTEEN Members Explain What Makes Them Like Brothers

When the host of this show asked them how is the relationship between the members of SEVENTEEN, considering there are 13 members and they spend a lot of time together. The first phrase chosen by the boys to describe how they get along was simply that they are like family because they see each other every day and know each other very well in details such as what each one likes to eat, if there is something that someone loves or hates.

Vernon was the one who mentioned that he really feels that the members of SEVENTEEN are like brothers Well, just like in a family, they did not choose who would be by their side as companions, but once they were together they created a great connection.

SEVENTEEN Reveals What Excites Them Most About Going Out On A World Tour

In addition to continuing with the promotions of hot and face the sun SEVENTEEN will embark on a world tour where they will visit many cities and some of them are yet to be announced.

The idols explained that throughout their career they have been grateful for the support they receive from fans from all over the world, but now they will be able to repay them some of their love by visiting them and singing for them. AWW!

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