SEVENTEEN Faced Several Challenges When Deciding To Renew Their Contract 2022 #Celebrity

SEVENTEEN: A few weeks ago SEVENTEEN released their new album Face The Sun, which got an amazing reception and got a big hit on Hanteo. Although the group is currently very popular, they encountered several setbacks when renewing their contracts, Hoshi explained in a recent interview.

SEVENTEEN had several challenges when he decided renew your contract with Pledis Entertainment, especially because of the different views each of the members had on their future. What were the worst moments he lived while they came to that decision?

Carat was very surprised to learn of the challenges SEVENTEEN went through when they were discussing the terms of their contract. After Hoshi’s interview on My Alcohol Diary, they thanked the idol for his sincerity.

Currently SEVENTEEN is about to release their new repackage album SECTOR 17 and is working on a world tour called BE THE SUN. In addition to that, he will appear on The Game Caterers.

SEVENTEEN wanted to stay together but had different opinions about what was best for the group.

SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi was a guest on Lee Young Ji’s My Alcohol Diary show where he fully opened up about his relationship with SEVENTEEN and everything the group had to deal with when it came time to meet. renew their contracts.

During the interview, Hoshi mentioned the SEVENTEEN’s decision to continue together as a group in the company was not complicated. However, discussing new clauses on their contracts was the most difficult.

Although the whole group wanted to stay together, it was difficult to organize thirteen people who had different opinions about what was best for the group. One of the main points of discussion was the distribution of money, contract time and creative freedom.

Hoshi also added that thanks to everyone being so close, they always found a way to empathize with the opinion of one of the members and that made it a little more difficult to reach the final decision. Similarly, he added that during their contract discussions, there were times when they were forced to smile during promotions and activities, as they felt pressured.

Hoshi revealed that SEVENTEEN is not like a family, but friends for life

Similarly, during Hoshi’s interview, he revealed that SEVENTEEN doesn’t see themselves as a family. Since in the same families the ties tend to separate and people take different directions. However, he sees them as friends that last a lifetime, as friends choose to stay there and stay together. For Hoshi, that is the difference between friendship and family. What do you think of the challenges SEVENTEEN faced?

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