SEVENTEEN Reveals Secrets of SECTOR 17, Their New Repackage Album 2022 #Celebrity

SEVENTEEN: In a short time, SEVENTEEN has given great emotions to CARAT and after Face The Sun they presented a new album that made all their fans happy. The members of the K-Pop group tell you some details and curiosities about their work for SECTOR 17.

Just a few weeks ago, SEVENTEEN surprised CARAT with the release of the album face the sunthen came the announcement of a long-awaited world tour for the fans, but later the idols would return with more music and a repackage album that shows his talent again.

The album SECTOR 17 It includes new songs like Circles, CHEERS and the Korean version of Fallin’ Flower, but beyond the recording of these tracks, the K-Pop group had experiences and reflections throughout the preparations for the comeback.

So in an interview, SEVENTEEN shared details of what it was like to enlist SECTOR 17, the challenges this comeback entailed, and why this album is so meaningful to them.

SEVENTEEN: What you didn’t know about SECTOR 17 and its preparations

D.K. confessed that SECTOR 17 feels like a new beginning for them, which makes this musical era more exciting. The success of face the sun It was a real motivation for SEVENTEEN when preparing a repackage album, because receiving so much love and support from CARAT led them to want to create better songs to reinforce the record material that we already knew.

In accordance with The8 Y JoshuaIf there is something that is very present in SECTOR 17, it is the love and gratitude they have for CARAT, but also the wishes, dreams and ambitions of the members of the group to continue growing artistically. WOW!

As you know, _WORLD is the main song of this come back and the idols admitted that it is a happy song that seeks to give everyone motivation, whether you are on your way to work, school or just looking for a dose of joy to brighten your day.

This album gave SEVENTEEN great challenges, what difficulties did you face?

In addition to a new album SEVENTEEN also enlisted a music video that is receiving love from fans, but S.Coups He confessed that the day of the shoot there was not good weather and it was raining heavily, to the point that there was even thunder and lightning.

They prepared this comeback at the same time as the concerts of their tour, which increased their activities and also the pace of work, they admitted that it was difficult, but seeing the results they feel really happy about it.

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