Seventeen: What Emoji Represents Each Member Of The Group?

What Emoji: Seventeen: CARAT easily identifies each SEVENTEEN member with a different emoji, do you know which one was assigned to each? There is a reason behind each of its icons. SEVENTEEN fans are always on the lookout for the activities of their favorite K-Pop group, many of them dedicate themselves to translating videos and fancalls so that more people know what their idol favs have to say for everyone .

In different social networks there are fan accounts dedicated to SVT that allow us to know more about the members of the boy band, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are filled with posts about these artists and this is a way in which CARAT also tends to demonstrate its love.

On certain platforms there are limited characters so CARAT manages to shorten the names of SEVENTEEN members and better represent them with an emoji, so we can identify them more quickly and precisely thanks to something as graphic as emoticons.

What emojis represent the members of SVT? Each has been assigned different icons that relate to them for various reasons, get to know them all.


S.Coups – Cherry

‘Cherry’ is a nickname CARAT gave to SEVENTEEN’s S.Coups, this word means cherry and that happened because his Korean fans call it ‘Cheolli’ which sounds similar to the English word for fruit.

Jeonghan – Angel

Jeonghan’s birthday is pronounced the same as the Korean word for ‘Angel’, which is why he has been given this nickname and the little angel emoji is perfect for him.

Joshua – Deer or Rabbit

CARAT usually represents Joshua with a Deer or Rabbit, even he was also represented with a guitar; the animals was because of the idol’s beautiful and cute visuals, while the musical instrument was because he is skilled at playing it.

Jun – Cat

SEVENTEEN fans think of a cat every time they see Jun, although he is not the only one represented by this little animal, since the entire 96 ‘Line is also called’ Cat Line ‘.

Hoshi – Tiger

Everyone knows Hoshi’s Tiger Agenda, this is the favorite animal of the SVT dancer and this is why he is usually represented with a tiger, something that makes him very happy <3.

Wonwoo – Cat or Fox

Wonwoo likes cats, this is why he can be represented by one, although he has also said that his face reminds him of a fox, this is why sometimes CARAT also uses that emoji to identify the rapper of SEVENTEEN.

Woozi – Rice

Woozi’s favorite food is rice, which is why a good bowl of this food graphically represents the producer of SVT.

THE8 – Frog

One of THE8’s favorite characters is René the frog, or Kermit, so this SEVENTEEN member was associated with a frog and that’s the emoji that represents him.

Mingyu – Dog

Mingyu’s personality makes us remember the joy of any dog, plus this is an animal that the SVT rapper likes a lot, so this is the emoji that best represents him.

DK – Crown, Swords or Pizza

DK participated as a theater actor as King Arthur, this is why he is represented with a crown or swords; although he is also the pizza boy and is also identified with this emoji.

Seungkwan – Orange


Seungkwan’s birthplace is Jeju Island, which is identified by its orange production, which is why the emoji of this fruit represents the SEVENTEEN singer perfectly.

Vernon – Turtle, Headphones or Handyman making horns

Vernon’s tranquility reminds CARAT of a turtle, that’s why he has been represented with that emoji, also with headphones because he is always immersed in his music and sometimes with his little hand doing horns because … is it cool?

Dino – Dinosaur or Otter

Dino is represented with a dinosaur by his name, although CARAT from Korea also thinks of an otter when he sees it and that is why he can also be identified with this emoji.

Now you know how to identify SEVENTEEN members with emojis, each you have your story and a reason for idols.

scoups 🍒 – cheollie sounds like cherry so kfans started calling him that

jeonghan 😇/👼🏻 – his birthday 1004 has the same pronunciation as angel in korean (cheonsa)

joshua 🦌 – lovely doe eyes

jun 🐱 – likes cats a lot, famous cat doodle

hoshi 🐯 – claims to be a tiger, his name means tiger’s gaze (formerly 🐹)

wonwoo 😼 – also likes cats a lot (sometimes 🎮 svt’s very own gam3bo1)

woozi 🍚 – loves rice

the 8 🐸 – likes kermit, owns a lot of frog items

mingyu 🐶 – human equivalent of an overgrown puppy

dk ⚔️ – king arthur/xcalibur (formerly 🐴)

seungkwan 🍊 – jeju tangerines

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