SEVENTEEN’s Dino Premiered High-Five, A Song Written By Him

SEVENTEEN: Each of the members of SEVENTEEN have proven to be very talented in different areas, not only in singing, rapping, and dancing, but they also have incredible songwriting and production skills. A clear example is Dino’s new song, called HIGH-FIVE.

dinosaur of SEVENTEEN He surprised his fans with a completely new song. Whose name is HIGH-FIVE and it has a sweet and funny melody in which Dino delighted with his voice.

Carat is proud of each of the members of SEVENTEEN, who constantly prove how talented they are with new music. Idols throughout his career have composed and participated in the production of most of his albums.

For that reason, listening to Dino’s new song they were completely fascinated by the tender song, which soon became a favorite of their fans for its striking melody.

HIGH-FIVE by Dino is a song written and produced by the idol

HIGH-FIVE is SEVENTEEN’s Dino’s new song, a tender melody written and produced for the idol who shows how talented he is. Single that left the entire fandom completely fascinated as soon as it was released.

The song has an electro pop style in which they combine singing with rapping, showing off the idol’s great vocal ability. On top of that, this song was written by Dino and produced. Leaving Carat proud of the boy’s great talent. You can listen to his new song here:

SEVENTEEN is recognized for being one of the groups that produce all of their songs.

In the world of K-Pop, SEVENTEEN He is recognized for writing and producing his own songs. Being recognized as the idols who produce themselves, gaining the admiration of not only their fans, but also many K-Pop lovers. You can each of his songs end up fascinating whoever listens to them.

Although the main producing member of the group is Woozi, the rest of the members have also shown their talent when it comes to songwriting and producing. The clear example is Dino’s most recent song. Did you like HIGH-FIVE?

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