SEVENTEEN’s Joshua Surprised His Fans By Singing Double Take 2022 #celebrity

Carat completely fell in love with the most recent cover of SEVENTEEN’s Joshua. The idol performed dhruv’s song Double Take with his sweet voice, filling the melody with a nostalgic feeling that touched his fans, singing the song entirely in English.

Joshua of SEVENTEEN made a cover of the song double take of the young singer dhruv. The idol captured all of her feelings in the song, delivering a beautiful cover that Carat can’t stop listening to.

SEVENTEEN’s Joshua fans were very excited to hear a cover of the idol for the first time. Since they managed to revel in his sweet voice over a longer period of time, unlike when he sings with the whole band and can only sing for a couple of seconds.

Joshua is part of the 13-member boy group SEVENTEEN, one of the hottest K-Pop groups right now, who recently made a comeback with their new album Face the Sun and their title single HOT. Have you already heard it?

Joshua performed the song Double Take with feeling in a new cover

With a sweet interpretation, Joshua presented double take of dhruv, his most recent cover. Which was shared on the official SEVENTEEN channel and on all the group’s social networks. Delighting Carat with her sweet voice and touching music video of her.

Joshua moved his fans with a sentimental performance, fully feeling the song. Demonstrating his mastery of English and the passion that he puts into each of his interpretations, completely falling in love with his new fans. cover. With a video from a music studio, Joshua thrilled his fans with his performance of Double Take. You can listen to the song here:

Fans showed their emotion and affection in networks for Joshua’s cover

Through social networks, Carat did not stop showing his pride and admiration for Joshua from SEVENTEEN, who delighted his followers with his sweet voice in his most recent cover. Her video was filled with comments praising her vocal stability and all the feeling she put into the cover. Likewise, they ask Pledis to pay more attention to each of the members, since each one is very talented and deserves a spotlight. Did you like Joshua’s new cover?

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