SHIB Claims to Confuse: Shiba Inu Inventors…

Shiba Inu‘s Rival BabyDoge has not been verified by CoinMarketCap despite several hours of effort. After that, BabyDoge claimed that CoinMarketCap founders are the same as Shiba Inu (SHIB) founders.

BabyDoge: “SHIB founders, also CMC founders”

On Thursday, BABYDOGE, a dog-themed cryptocurrency, made an announcement today. Meme coin posted the announcement on their official Twitter account. Accordingly, the supply of the dog-themed cryptocurrency has received confirmation from CoinMarketCap after almost a year. A few hours after the announcement, BabyDoge said they had lost their “verification badge” from CoinMarketCap. Therefore, he stated that they appear to be unverified on the platform again. The team behind BabyDoge is skeptical of the issue. In addition, the team expressed their intense anger by sharing the following tweet on the subject:

“Something weird is going on inside CoinMarketCap. Rumor has it that Shiba Inu (SHIB) founders are also CMC founders ~ unconfirmed.”

BabyDoge has struggled for a long time to verify its circulating supply and market value on CMC. BabyDoge Coin is currently one of the most followed cryptocurrencies on the Twitter platform. It also ranks ahead of all other dog-themed cryptocurrencies in terms of owner numbers. Meme coin sent hundreds of requests to CMC on a regular basis over the course of a year. Then, it finally managed to get validation. Unfortunately, this only lasted a few hours.

Received reconfirmation one day after SHIB claim

As a result of all these allegations, Crypto Twitter got confused. BabyDoge fans have been criticizing CoinMarketCap for unverifying it. However, the crypto tracking platform announced today that the meme coin has been reconfirmed.

Why are CoinMarketCap verifications important?

The BabyDoge team was suspicious of such peculiar behavior of the world’s leading price tracking platform for cryptocurrencies. Therefore, they thought that the rumors circulating on social media platforms regarding the connection between SHIB and the CMC Founders might be true. The main reason they think about it may be that they do not want to see the competition developing in the field. As we have also reported, CMC verifications are very important for cryptocurrency projects. The reason for this is that it increases the adoption and increases the ranking of the project on the platform. Whatever the problem, CMC verification is vital for a cryptocurrency project today. Such a project may attract the attention of more investors in the future. But BabyDoge is far from the only cryptocurrency project to criticize CMC. Kris Marszalek, the CEO of, has previously criticized CoinMarketCap several times for spreading misinformation.

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