Shuhua Worries Fans After His Concert in Mexico 2022 #Celebrity

Many (G)I-DLE fans were on their toes thinking that Shuhua had vanished on stage, we tell you what happened at the girl group’s concert in Mexico and why fans are upset with CUBE Entertainment.

The girls of (G)I-DLE are in the midst of a world tour that includes various performances on Mexicoyesterday took place concert in the nation’s capital and many Neverland were there to cheer them on, watch them dance and sing their songs at the top of their lungs.

The night was going perfectly while several of the most successful singles of the girls group of K-Pop appeared one after another, but when it was the turn to interpret MY BAGSsomething strange happened and fans couldn’t help but worry.

This was one of the last songs on (G)I-DLE’s concert setlist, but as the idols progressed towards the end of the track, Shuhua had a mishap.

(G)I-DLE’s Shuhua left the concert stage due to exhaustion

The idols were dancing to the music and singing their verses one by one, when suddenly Shuhua’s movements became weak until he stopped dancing and slowly sat down on the stage.

The reaction of her companions showed that they were worried about the singer, because Soyeon he continued to sing as he approached her and then yuqi he hurried to help her to her feet, accompanying her until she left the stage.

(G)I-DLE’s Shuhua sits on the stage in exhaustion. | Source: Twitter @chloratodepotasa

Shuhua later returned with her fellow (G)I-DLE members to perform I’m The Trend and tomboy, the last two tracks of the concert. In addition to saying goodbye to Neverland and thanking all of her for her support, demonstrating her professionalism and that they should not worry about her.

(G)I-DLE fans ask CUBE to take care of girl group idols

The idols have had a tight schedule and have also faced schedule changes while traveling from one place to another, to which we can also add that the height of Mexico City sometimes causes difficulties for singers who come from other countries. . However, (G)I-DLE fans were present on social media, pointing out that they also CUBE would be responsible for what happened.

For many Neverlandthe tour (G)I-DLE has shown that the company does not take good care of the idols, as they have been seen carrying their bags and without security at the airport. In addition, the fans did not hesitate to mention that just at dawn on Friday, the group arrived at the airport of the Mexico City and a few hours later they were already at the concert venue.

Fans have requested that the company make the idols’ health a priority, asking that their schedule be organized in a way that they can also rest. What do you think of what happened at the (G)I-DLE concert?

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