Single’s Inferno’s Choi Si Hun To Appear In BL K-Drama 2022 #Celebrity

Choi Si Hun: One of the reality shows that stole the attention of Korean culture lovers was Single’s Inferno, where several attractive young men were locked up on a hellish island as they seek to develop a romance. One of the contestants who drew the most attention was Choi Si Hun for her unrequited love for Ji Ah. Now, Choi Si Hun draws the attention of fans again for the announcement of her participation in a new BL.

Choi Si Hun is the first actor confirmed for the new BL drama New Employee, which will be based on the successful webtoon of the same name. The participant of Single’s Inferno may have an important role in the plot of the story, despite not being one of the main actors.

Great news for fans of the BL series, as South Korea plans to continue releasing more content of this genre. And this time, one of the actors of the new project that is being worked on is none other than Choi Si Hun.

During his participation in the reality show Single’s Inferno, Choi Si Hun drew a lot of attention for looking like an idol, in the same way he got a lot of screen time for his impossible crush with Ji Ah, the girl who stole everyone’s heart in the first season of reality.

Choi Si Hun to play Seung Hyun’s first love in BL New Employee

Single’s Inferno contestant Choi Si Hun will be a part of the cast of Watcha’s new BL drama called ‘new-employee‘. Although so far he is the only actor confirmed for the drama, his role will have great importance in the story.

New Employee is inspired by the popular webtoon of the same name and is about Seung Hyun, a virgin boy who lands his dream internship after many years of trying. However, upon arriving at work he can’t help but fall in love with his arrogant boss Kim Jong Chan.

In the case of Choi Si Hun, he will not play any of the main characters. He will be yoo-sung, Seung Hyun’s first love, who will have attended the same school as him but a couple of years older. The character line that she will have is still unknown, but everyone is very excited for her appearance.

When is New Employee released? The BL drama where Choi Si Hun will appear

So far the premiere date has not been announced, but the drama is expected to be available at end of this year or early 2023. Similarly, the only confirmed actor so far is Choi Si Hun, so expectations among BL fans have grown even higher to find out who will be the main couple. Are you ready for this drama?

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