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Solana, which is among the top 10 cryptocurrencies by volume, is preparing to open a store in New York. Like traditional companies entering the crypto market, crypto companies are finding their place in mainstream culture. The new store, named Solana Space, to be opened in Hudson Yards, USA, is being opened in cooperation with the project’s developer institution, the Solana Foundation.


Solana Store Designed as an Embassy

In Solana’s technological store, which is considering producing its own Android phone in the near future; Learn how Solana works and what Web3 is. Designed as a Cultural Center and an embassy, ​​this store is a milestone for Solana.

Solana, like some NFT brands, wants to take an active role in real life. Therefore, beyond the blockchain, in real life; Many Solana branded products will be offered to consumers, including a limited edition Blanksoles sneakers.

Counting the days for the grand opening, Solana Spaces store opened its doors for a group of 30 specially designated people over the weekend. However, the store has not been officially opened yet.

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