Solar of MAMAMOO Songs to Learn More About The Artist 2022 #Celebrity

Each of the members of MAMAMOO are very talented and their vocal range is enviable. For that reason, even as soloists they stand out completely. These are some songs by Solar as a soloist that you will not be able to stop listening to due to their unique and rough style, perfect to motivate you completely.

Solar of MAMAMOO He has a great vocal talent and several of his songs have been a success. In the same way, she has won different awards in musical programs as a soloist and has interpreted the OST of various dramas. What songs theirs you shouldn’t miss.

The group MAMAMOO is made up of four members and each of them has proven to have a successful solo career with different albums and singles. Among them stands out Solar, who has songs full of power that you won’t be able to stop listening to.

These are some recommendations of songs of Solar that you will not be able to stop listening to its sticky and unique rhythms. You can each of them has a different style that you will love completely.

MAMAMOO Solar songs that should be on your playlist

HONEY is the title track of his album Face. The song has a unique ‘girl crush’ type rhythm, in which the singer shows off her powerful vocal with a stylish melody. A Solar song that you will repeat in a loop over and over again.

Spit It Out is one of the singer’s singles. A powerful melody with guitar chords that makes you want to dance at all times while filling you with energy. Without a doubt, a song that will end up being part of your playlist.

Big Booty It is also part of the album Face, a song with a sensual style of the 50’s that will transport you to another era while enjoying the singer’s voice. A completely different song from the previous ones but where Solar shows that she can dominate any genre.

Dun dun dun is Solar’s most recent song. An OST for the drama Kill Heel, a song with a powerful style perfect for setting several of the most important parts of the drama to music. Are you already watching this series?

For Vincenzo, Solar premiered the OST adrenaline, a nostalgic melody where the singer’s voice gives life to several of the most dramatic scenes of the series. In addition to the OST, he also released a special clip performing the song. Did you recognize Solar’s voice in the drama?

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