Somi’s Best Outfits for A Casual Outing, Fashion Ideas 2022 #Celebrity

K-Pop idols know how to look great, not only on stage or in comeback promos, but even in casual outings. Today we will take a look at Somi’s photos so that you can better understand the singer’s style and have new ideas for your outfits.

Though Somi debuted as a soloist just in 2019, this girl is known within the world of k pop for several years, because before we saw her be part of the survival show SIXTEEN, then she participated in PRODUCE 101 and debuted with IOI

This idol is now part of The Black Label and in each comeback she surprises with her songs and a musical style that made fans fall in love, but something that is also part of this girl’s life is the fashion and there is no doubt that he has good taste.

Though Jeon Somi sometimes carries outfits fashionistas on stage, we have also seen her wear casual looks that they are great, so today we will remember some of them while we tell you how to recreate them while letting their fashion sense inspire you.

Somi outfits that you can recreate with clothes you already own

The first outfit is an all in black style, Somi wears basic black shorts and combines them with a sweatshirt of the same color that stands out with a white print. For the footwear she used black converse and if you prefer you can even add black or fishnet stockings to this outfit.

This look is very simple but you must pay attention to the details. Combine blue jeans with a black crop top, preferably one that has sleeves and is pattern-free. Add some black combat boots, now add accessories like a large buckled belt and a choker that stands out.

For this outfit you need high-waisted pants, preferably in a color other than blue or black, Somi opted for one in khaki. Combine this garment with a crop top style shirt with prints, add some sneakers with laces (they can be converse style) and a colorful belt. To add bright details we recommend using bracelets or chain accessories.

In this look, Somi wears wide shorts but if you don’t have one of that style you can replace it with a black skirt, add a black crop top or a shirt of the same color, now complement it with a plaid shirt of the color you prefer but preferably that includes a little black. You can wear this outfit with tennis or combat boots, add a matching bag.

This is another all in black outfit but with a different vibe. You need some black baggy jeans, you can also replace it with joggers. Pair with a fitted sweater or sweatshirt without a hood, as well as a beanie in the same color. Now add accessories in silver and for footwear it will be perfect if you wear platform tennis shoes.

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