Song Kang and Han So Hee on A Date? Moon Sang Min Clarifies Rumors 2022 #Celebrity

Song Kang: A photo captured the moment Han So Hee looks casual with a guy on the street, is it Song Kang? Know the truth behind this image that aroused the curiosity of fans.

since they starred None None these drama actors have been in the midst of dating rumors due to fans’ suspicions, but although the topic seemed to have died down, it was revived due to a photo of the actress.

It all started when a Photography where a guy and the actress are standing on the sidewalk as she points her phone at what’s in front of them.

quickly the rumors began, because it was also pointed out the possibility that Han So Hee was together with a Korean drama actor, so many fans quickly thought of Song Kang but suspicions would be cleared up instantly.

Han So Hee’s photo with a guy, did she go on a date with Song Kang?

As soon as the photo began to gain popularity, the korean actor Moon Sang Min decided to speak about it to avoid speculation, so he posted the image on his Instagram stories and clarified that the image corresponds to a meeting of several of the people who worked on it. My Name.

In the post, he tagged actress Han So Hee and also a photographer who has worked alongside stars from K-dramasbut more importantly, he dismissed rumors that the image was of a date of the leading lady alongside actor Song Kang.

Why was Song Kang thought to be the boy in the photo with Han So Hee?

When both actors starred in None, the couple had many romantic scenes, but they also showed a great connection behind the scenes, leading many to think that maybe they were actually dating.

However, this remained only in the suspicions of the fans, since the actors of the drama never gave statements about it and we have not seen them together again.

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