Song Kang Reveals What He Thought Of The Love Alarm Cast Upon Meeting Them

Song Kang: Although it was not his first drama, Song Kang’s breakout to stardom came after his performance in Love Alarm, what did this actor think upon meeting his fellow main cast members?

In the world of dramas, there are series so popular that they become easily recognizable to all fans, even those who have not ventured to enjoy each of its episodes. Love Alarm has become one of them.

With Song Kang, Kim So-hyun Y Jung Ga Ram in charge of the leading roles, we follow a school romance story that evolved over two seasons and, beyond what happened to the characters, the actors they managed to get along very well.

But was it like this from the beginning? During a game, Song Kang recalled what impression she got from meeting her fellow cast members from the drama.

Song Kang Surprised Kim So Hyun And Jung Ga Ram By Talking About His First Impression

When the actors promoted the first season of the kdrama Love Alarm met The Swoon for a fun game of Jenga, where in addition to testing their skills and completing some tasks, they answered very interesting questions.

Song Kang was asked what he thought of his fellow cast members upon seeing them for the first time, and looking back, the actor revealed that he found Kim So Hyun to be a fascinating girl, but Jung Ga Ram was a little scary. oops! The funniest thing is that the actress agreed that she also got that impression of the boy who plays Hyeyeong. LOL!

What was the chemistry really like within the Love Alarm cast? they show it

You probably have your own judgment as to how well the actors’ chemistry was embodied throughout the episodes and two seasons of Love Alarm, but what is certain is that even off set they got along very well.

That is why many were happy to see them promoting because the jokes and laughter were never lacking when the three met.

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