Song Kang Talked About What He Currently Likes The Most 2022 #Celebrity

Song Kang: If you are a fan of Song Kang, you would surely like to know what the actor likes the most. Data such as his favorite food or the movie he enjoyed the most help you get to know your favorite actor a little better. For this reason, in a recent interview Song Kang was honest and told his fans what he likes the most.

Song Kang talked about the things he likes the most with his fans, especially focusing on his favorite colorswhat you enjoy eating the most and the last movie that totally grabbed you.

Song Kang became very popular since his appearance in the drama. Love Alarm and since then he has become one of the actors who stole the hearts of his fans. Similarly, he was recently confirmed for the second and third seasons of Sweet Home.

So if you want to know a little more about him and what he likes in his private life, this information will help you get to know him a little better and fall completely in love with the actor.

Song Kang shared with his fans what his favorite color and food is

In a recent interview with PENSHOPPE, actor Song Kang talked about what his current tastes are. This special information helps his followers to know a little more about the actor and they were completely delighted to learn about his likes.

When asked what his favorite color Song Kang couldn’t pick just one, but he said that he really likes bright colors like blue, orange, and red. Very striking colors and full of energy.

On the other hand, when asked about his favorite food, the actor stayed a few seconds thinking about the best answer. In the end, he chose meat as his favorite dish, assuring that he loved the protein of meat. You can see the full interview here:

Song Kang has a new favorite movie and it’s The Theory of Everything

Besides his favorite colors, Song Kang also talked about the movie that had recently moved him and this was The Theory of Everything, a film starring Eddie Redmayne that tells the story of the genius Stephen Hawking and how he dealt with his illness.

In addition to that, when the actor was asked what TV series he enjoyed, he confessed that he did not have one in particular and he really enjoyed watching YouTube videos. Do any of his tastes match yours?

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