Song Kang Traveled To Switzerland and Showed Off His Natural Charm As A Model 2022 #Celebrity

Song Kang: Currently, one of the most popular actors is Song Kang, who starred in the dramas Love Alarm and Sweet Home. The South Korean is not only talented in acting, he also proves to be an expert in modeling and the latest photos of him confirm it.

Song Kang I travel to Swiss to look spectacular in a photoshoot. Where in addition to enjoying such a beautiful country, he also demonstrated his incredible modeling skills, proving to be very professional in any area in which he must participate.

Song Kang was recently in France for Paris Fashion Week where she attended a special PRADA show. In said parade she met the renowned Thai actor Win Metawin and the idol Jaehyun of NCT 127, completely stealing the attention of all those present.

In addition to that, days before he shared photos of his trip in Switzerland, so the fact that the photos of his session were revealed greatly moved the fans who were patiently waiting to see the actor in said country.

Song Kang looked spectacular walking the streets of Switzerland

Actor Song Kang will be the July cover of Noblesse Korea magazine, and for his participation he took incredible photos on different stages in Switzerland. In the photos of him, the actor showed off his modeling skills and showed off charming clothes perfect for walking around Europe.

Song Kang wore a sky blue shirt with light pants and a brown sweater, casually leaning on the railing of an old bridge where part of a lake and a city in Switzerland can also be seen.

On the other hand, Song Kang also looked like a distracted tourist walking down one of the streets of Switzerland, where you can see the peculiar wooden structures of the houses and rocky mountain landscapes in the background. The actor looked charming in a hat that covered part of his face and his warm clothes.

The official Noblesse Korea Instagram account also shared a video of the photo shoot with popular actor Song Kang. You can see that video here

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