Songs Performed by Korean Actors for Drama OSTs 2022 #Celebrity

South Korea is full of talented celebrities. Especially the actors who, in addition to making memorable performances that move the hearts of the viewers, also move people by performing some of the songs from the OST of the drama in which they participate.

Park Hyung Sik, Park Seo Joon and Hwang In-yeop have enchanted their fans by performing songs in different dramas in which they have appeared, among which their OST for Hwarang, True Beauty and A Witch’s Romance.

If you want to remember how these Korean actors made you fall in love with their OSTs in different dramas, these songs should belong to your playlist and you will not regret listening to them again.

Songs from dramas performed by the actors that appear in the series

  • Come to my Heart by Park Seo Joon

This sweet tune was performed by Park Seo Joon in the drama A Witch’s Romance, where he plays a young intern who falls in love with his boss who is several years older than him. This sweet song completely fell in love with the viewers.

  • I’ll be there by Park Hyung Sik

For the drama Hwarang, this song completely moved the viewers who listened to it during the drama and saw the great talent of the actor who had previously been an idol in the group ZE:A.

  • It Starts Today by Hwang In Yeop

Not only did he play an aspiring idol in True Beauty, he also sang one of the OSTs for the series. Where he moves Team Seojun with this sweet but at the same time sad melody.

  • Our Tears by Park Seo Joon.

Another song for the drama Hwarang, where Park Seo Joon’s character performs this heartbreaking melody that marked a very important point of the drama. Do you remember this scene?

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