Songs That Exceed 500 Million Streams on Spotify 2022 #Celebrity

BTS fans support the group at all times, Spotify is one of the main sites where ARMY joins to increase the stream of the band’s songs, that’s why today we tell you which are the melodies that have hundreds of millions of reproductions and which are the most popular.

The number of streams has gained great importance within the world of K-Pop, the increase in reproduction figures in songs and music videos usually give groups records and also positions them as candidates to win or succeed on Billboard.

For several years, BTS has stood out for its great fandom that always supports new melodies and does not leave aside those iconic songs that were previously released, that’s why the idols of HYBE they reach milestone after milestone with their music.

Spotify It is one of my favorite places ARMY due to the relevance of the figures obtained by an artist on said music platform, but there are some BTS songs that are more famous.

Currently, Bangtan Sonyeondan is the only musical act hailing from Asia to have a total of 7 songs with more than 500 million views on this music site, then we will tell you what these tracks are.

Most popular BTS songs on Spotify, the most listened to by fans

This song premiered in 2017 within the album Love Yourself: Her, has received multiple awards inside and outside Korea, being one of the most outstanding of the group.

It is one of the singles that BTS has released entirely in English, it is also one of the tracks that has been presented more times in international programs, so it has captivated fans and casual listeners.

Continuing with the songs in English, Dynamite was the first to be released and since 2020 it has not stopped playing on the fans’ playlist, is it because of its lively rhythm and the voices of the idols? Surely yes.

The single was released as part of the album Love Yourself: Tear, so since 2018 it has seized the attention of ARMY and to this day it remains one of the favorites.

The collaboration with Coldplay has not stopped giving achievements to both groups, from multiple nominations to the affection of music fans who are not necessarily loyal admirers of any of the bands that perform it.

This was the main single of the comeback where BTS presented the BE album, the boys closed 2020 with this record material and it should be noted that this is the only melody with a calm rhythm within this list of the most popular on Spotify.

Another BTS collaboration that has not stopped gaining popularity is Boy With Luv, a track that they sang with Halsey in 2019 within the album Map of the Soul: Persona.

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