Spotify Prepares New Social Functions With Community Feature

Spotify is developing a new community for your application. This feature should allow the user to see what kind of music their friends are listening to in real time and which playlists they have recently updated.

There aren’t many official details about this Community at the moment. Spotify said only that the feature is in the early stages of testing. You users from iOShowever, they can try out the novelty by typing “spotify:community” in the Safari browser.

If the Spotify Community continues as it is in this “spoiler“, there’s a horizontal line showing playlist updates, then a vertically scrolling list of friends showing what they’re listening to. If the person is actually listening to a song at the time, an animated equalizer bar icon will appear. , the feature does not appear to be fully functional at this time.

Even though Spotify has left the interaction between friends inside its app aside, it already has a feature similar to what is being proposed, called “friends activity“. However, it is better explored on desktop computer. Plans to develop this space on devices mobile were dropped in 2019.

In recent years, Spotify has invested more in customization features, such as playlists created by the app itself according to the user’s tastes. But this was mainly helping to attract and retain users, while interactions between friends within the music streaming platform lost focus.

Larry Brown

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