Stray Kids Announce MANIAC UNVEIL 11, Special Concert In Seoul 2022 #Celebrity

Stray Kids: After a successful US tour and celebrating Stay Week, Stray Kids is ready to rock again, this time in their home country. This was recently announced with a moving video where they show that the tour is not over and their next concert will be at their dream stadium in Seoul. What is known about UNVEIL 11?

Stray Kids is ready to continue with MANIAC his second world tour and he will do it with a special concert in Seoul. This is what you should know about UNVEIL 11 the new presentation of the group that will be in September.

The South Korean group Stray Kids is one of the most popular K-Pop groups at the moment. In addition to obtaining several achievements in Billboard and a successful tour in the United States. The group will have a new concert in Seoul, as part of their world tour. However, this concert promises to include many surprises.

Stray Kids recently finished their tour by the United States, although two of its dates had to be postponed after three members tested positive for Covid-19, the rest of the dates were a success. What is known about his new concert?

Stray Kids will have a special concert in Seoul in September

Through their official YouTube account, Stray Kids revealed a moving video with scenes from their concerts during their world tour. MANIAC. Although the video seemed like just a compilation of the best moments the group had with their fans. The excitement increased when at the end he was announcing a new concert.

Stray Kids ad UNVEIL 11 a special concert in Seoul, which will be on September 17 and 18 in KSPO DOMEan Olympic gymnastics stadium that for a long time was a dream place for the group to have one of their concerts.

From the title of the special, fans expect that UNVEIL 11 be a concert where they reveal new music, like in previous UNVEILs where they shared unreleased songs about their comebacks. Until now, it has not been revealed when the ticket sales will start, but all the fans are very excited with the news.

STAY wonders if there will be new Stray Kids concert dates

On the other hand, since at the end of the video a mystery message what did he say ‘and more…‘, fans can’t help but wonder what they mean by the new surprises. Although for some this may mean a new come back for grouping. Many fans have shown their enthusiasm in believing that these are new dates for the World TourSome have even ventured to say that perhaps they could reveal dates for Latin America. Without a doubt, STAY is very happy with everything that the group will bring.

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