STRAY KIDS at ISAC 2022, Best Moments of The Group 2022 #Celebrity

Stray Kids was one of the K-Pop groups that participated in the new edition of the Idol Star Athletics Championships, the idols participated in various sports contests but also created good memories with STAY, what happened?

After a long pause, the ISAC They are back. For a long season this sporting event between idols had been on pause due to the health situation facing the world, but now we will once again see the groups reunited and ready to win.

The footage of Idol Star Athletics Championships already held, various K-Pop groups including Stray Kids They met in a room where all the tests and demonstrations were carried out, so although there is still a little time left before the broadcast, we were already able to see some details of the event.

What happened to Stray Kids during these filming? The idols of JYP Entertainment they had a great time and enjoyed every moment, not only during the competitions but even during their breaks.

Stray Kids Compete At ISAC 2022 And Have Fun Together With Other K-Pop Idols

The Stray Kids boys were part of some competitions, for example, several of them participated in the archery contest, while others showed their ability in athletics, sporting events where they also had the support of their peers and STAY.

The idols were able to greet, talk and live together with other idols, for example we saw Woojin from AB6IX with Changbin and a greeting between Han and shootaro of NCT.

The idols also showed their great friendship with ITZYand even Hyunjin learned to dance to the idols’ new song along with Ryūjin.

Stray Kids Gives Sweet Congratulations To STAY At ISAC 2022

The anniversary of the Stray Kids fandom was recently celebrated and, although the idols prepared a music video for that special day, taking advantage of the fact that they were gathered at ISAC, they also wanted to do something for the fans.

It was thus that the members of the group gathered in front of the stands where their fans were and, coordinating their voices, shouted to wish them a happy birthday. AWW!

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