Stray Kids Dedicates Star Lost to A Fan Who Passed Away 2022 #Celebrity

Stray Kids: After a long season without live concerts, Stray Kids are back on stage, but the most recent musical show had a dose of melancholy and the group chose to honor a fan who lost her life.

The MANIAC-Tour started recently, the boys of Stray Kids are bringing their music and energy to different cities where fans have longed to see them for a long time. Generally these shows are usually full of joy, but emotional moments also make their way.

In the concert More recently, something special happened, because after it became known that a fan of the K-Pop group named Hiwa had passed away, a special moment was dedicated to her at the event.

Stray Kids and STAY He showed his love for the girl, as well as great support for her family. the band of JYPEntertainment knows that there was no better way to honor this fan than with what she loved most: the songs of the group

Stray Kids dedicates Star Lost to Hiwa along with a message from Bang Chan

During one of the concerts of the group of k pop in Japan, the boys shared very special words with their fans and bang chan particularly, he talked about Hiwa after the girl’s passing.

In addition, the members of Stray Kids dedicated the melody Star Lost to that admirer they met before and who sadly couldn’t come to see them in person.

Who is Hiwa? The Stray Kids fan who left a mark on the group members

Fans and idols honored the memory of a girl named Hiwa, she is a young woman who fell ill and was hospitalized a long time ago, but while spending time under the care of doctors, she became interested in Stray Kids, finding encouragement and encouragement in the group. strength.

She made an effort to fulfill her dream of meeting them and through Make A Wish she managed to contact them by video call, since the health restrictions at that time prevented the singers from traveling. The moment was unforgettable and caught the eyes of many fans.

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