STRAY KIDS’ Han Was Injured by Fans at Incheon Airport 2022 #Celebrity

STRAY KIDS: A huge amount of fans was waiting for Stray Kids at the Incheon airport, the idols were returning from a tour in Japan when everything got out of control and Han was injured, how is the idol?

Recently, the guys from Stray Kids started a tour through different cities of the world, only in Japan they were able to visit various venues where they reconnected with fans and created precious memories, but now it’s time to return to South Korea I arrive.

The idols K-Pop members took a flight to Incheon airport and landed safely, but when they tried to leave this place to get into their vehicles and go to rest, something unexpected happened.

A large number of people waited to see stray kids upon their arrival in the nation, but this caused no trace of order to remain when the singers finally appeared.

Stray Kids’ Han fell due to mobbing at Incheon Airport

As soon as the interpreters of God’s Menu came out, fans tried to get a closer look, causing jostling not only among the fans, but also against the Stray Kids members.

This hindered the passage of K-Pop idols and eventually the situation caused damage, as They have he stumbled in the middle of the crowd and fell, injuring his arm. In the videos of the place we can see the singer holding his limb while he keeps his head down, images that caused concern in the fans.

Stray Kids fans demand respect for the group and greater protection from JYP

This is not the first time that Stray Kids has been involved in a mobbing situation at the airport, so a large part of the fandom manifested itself on social networks.

To begin with, it was asked to take into account the danger that this type of situation can represent for the group, but it was also pointed out that since this has happened before, JYP Entertainment should plan better to protect idols.

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