Stray Kids’ Hyunjin Hurt His Hand, Will He Be on The Tour? 2022 #celebrity

Stray Kids: In an official statement, JYP Entertainment spoke about the health status of Stray Kids‘ Hyunjin, who injured his hand prior to his concert in Oakland and had to be treated at the hospital. In addition to that, he commented on his participation in the rest of Maniac’s concerts in the United States.

Hyunjin from Stray Kids had a little accident before showing up in Oakland for the tour maniac in United States. After the mishap, the idol went to the hospital for a better assessment. JYPEntertainment He talked about his health condition.

A few weeks ago, two Stray Kids concert dates had to be postponed after three members of the group tested positive for Covid-19. Now, Hyunjin suffered a mishap prior to one of his concerts and the idol must rest for the time necessary for his recovery.

Stay from all over the world has not ceased to show its concern for the state of health of hyunjin after reading the release from JYP Entertainment in which they report on the idol’s current situation. This is exactly what happened to him.

Hyunjin was injured before the concert in Oakland and must rest

Through an official statement, JYP Entertainment reported on the current situation of Stray Kids‘ Hyunjin, who recently injured his hand before a concert and had to go to the hospital.

In the message, JYPEntertainment reported that Hyunjin hit his right hand against a door and sustained a minor injury. At the time, she received first aid from the medical team at her concert venue and performed in Oakland with the rest of the group.

However, after finishing the concert he went to the hospital for a better evaluation of his wound, where, although it was a minor injurythe doctor recommended taking a break necessary and not to make sudden movements for a better recovery.

JYP mentioned that Hyunjin will be participating in a limited tour

Due to the concern of the fans, JYPEntertainment assured that Hyunjin would participate in the concerts of Stray Kids, but limited formsince you can’t do sudden movements that jeopardize the healing process of your hand. On top of that, he asked fans for understanding and support for the idol who will fully focus on his recovery. We hope that Hyunjin gets better soon and can give his all on stage with Stray Kids.

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