Stray Kids Postpones Concerts in The United States for Health Reasons 2022 #Celebrity

Stray Kids: Bad news for Stray Kids fans in the United States, as two of their concerts have been postponed until further notice. The reason is that some of the members are sick and will focus on taking care of their health to fully recover, what happened to the idols?

Stray Kids will postpone two concerts from his United States Maniac tour. This after learning that three of its members tested positive for Covid-19. This was reported by JYP Entertainment through an official statement.

Stay has not ceased to show his concern after hearing the news of the cancellation of two of Stray Kids‘ concerts. Although for many who were looking forward to the presentation, the news was painful, they have not stopped showing the desire that the infected members have a speedy recovery.

Stray Kids is currently in the United States for their concert tour Maniac Tour, where they will perform in various cities in that country. So far, they have had concerts in Newark, New Jersey.

Stray Kids to postpone two concerts because three members have Covid-19

Through an official statement from JYP Entertainment, it was reported that three of the members of Stray Kids tested positive for a rapid test for covid. So more tests were quickly carried out on both the members and the staff to find out if there were more people infected.

In their statement, they reported that Lee Know, Felix Y IN are the members who tested positive for the rapid test. After their result, they were taken to the hospital for a PCR test that confirmed the previous results, causing the members to quickly enter quarantine to improve their health.

Similarly, it was reported that the members have their three vaccines and none had presented symptoms. Similarly, they ensured that each of the members had their own hotel room and other members of Stray Kids were negative in their tests,

Which Stray Kids Maniac tour dates were postponed?

So far, the postponed dates for the Stray Kids tour were the 3rd of July in Atlanta and the July 6th in Fort Worth, while the members rest and recover from the virus, the company said it hopes fans understand the reasons why the concerts were postponed, ensuring that they announce the new dates as soon as possible. We wish you a speedy recovery!

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