Stray Kids: Felıx With Purple Hair Takes Stay A Surprise

Stray Kids’ “Maniac”: 18 Best Fashion and Beauty Looks from the Music Video

The performers are known to favor eclecticism in music and beyond, and the sartorial choices in “Maniac” did not disappoint.

With a title like “Maniac,” we anticipated Stray Kids to pull off some unusual looks in their latest music video — and they did not disappoint. Stray Kids managed to pull off some of their most memorable fashion and beauty moments in a crowded visual packed with movement and colour – there’s just so much to look at.

Of course, the fact that there is no linear plot to this music video helps, as it allows the group to explore and experiment with their appearances across numerous Frankensteined visual approaches. You’re looking for cropped jackets and track pants? You’ve got it. Polo shirts and ties from Burberry? Coming up next. Lace and leather? Always. Stray Kids have always followed the maxim “more is more.” Sure, it’s all strange, but that’s the purpose.

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“Maniac” is the lead track from the band’s latest EP, ODDINARY, which is on its way to becoming a million-seller. According to Bang Chan, the group’s leader and crop top enthusiast, they sought to emphasize with this release that “everyone in the world has their own strange inside of them, and that’s absolutely normal.” After all, the members of JYP Entertainment’s boy band have never been ones to play things safe, and that mindset translates fully to “Maniac” and its visual elements.

Check out our 18 fave fashion and beauty outfits from the “Maniac” music video (as we continue to listen to the line “Maniac, Frankenstein” on repeat) below to celebrate the release of ODDINARY:


Felix Black hair And Lee Know pink/purple hair

This is a stay (and other fans) petition for Stray kids Lee Felix to colour his hair black and Lee Minho to tint his hair purple/pink. Please sign this petition if you want to see any of these (as seen in the image). If you do sign it, I will personally thank you at your home.

Stray Kids: Felix stole STAY’s hearts with his mesmerizing style and as soon as he showed off his purple-hued hair, Stray Kids fans took it upon himself to take his photos everywhere. This end of the year we have seen the interpreters of #LoveSTAY perform at many of the season’s events, awards and festivals were attended by Stray Kids idols who showed their talent on stage.

However, as soon as 2022 rolled around, Felix starred in a new JYP Entertainment group special that was full of charm, although in addition to the excellent presentation he did to summarize the activities together with his peers, he also made hearts race with his change of name. look.

The Australian rapper was in charge of fulfilling the role of MC in the clip STEP OUT 2022, a video that summarizes some of the activities this year and announces what is to come, but the excitement began as soon as he appeared in front of the camera. Stray Kids Announce MANIAC UNVEIL 11, Special Concert In Seoul 2022 #Celebrity


In the clip, the Stray Kids idol acted as a CEO in a presentation of results and expectations, so wearing his voice he described important moments for the group in the past months.

His good bearing made him totally take over the role, but to top it off he showed his hair dyed purple, something that no one expected at all.


The emotion and surprise was such that the photos of Felix with purple hair began to be published around different social networks and the idol climbed in the trends of the most talked about topics.

There is no doubt that the rapper looks great with whatever color he wears and while we don’t know if we will see him with this look beyond STEP OUT 2022, it was amazing that he was encouraged by this style.

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