Stray Kids Releases Time Out MV for STAY’s Anniversary 2022 #Celebrity

As part of the celebrations for the fourth anniversary of Stay, Stray Kids premiered a music video for Time Out, a song that had the entire fandom rocking and wanting to go on vacation to the beach as soon as possible. This is what you can see in his new MV.

Stray Kids premiered the music video of time out, his new mixtape. A powerful song with summer vibes that was a special gift to Stay for her fandom anniversary. Have you seen the new MV?

K-Pop groups always find a way to thank their fans for all the support they have given them since their debut. In addition to having a unique name for each fandom, they are also responsible for lovingly celebrating the anniversary of the fanclub’s appointment.

Stray Kids was not far behind because, as every year, he held a full week to celebrate STAY on his fourth birthday with official fanclub name. And for this, they decided to close with a flourish with the release of the song: time out.

Stray Kids share music video for their Time Out mixtape

With a strong rock influence and the summer sun, Stray Kids released a new MV for time outa special gift song for Stay on the anniversary of the fandom’s naming.

Time Out is a song full of energy in which the group sings to the rhythm of a rock pop that completely enchanted all his fans. In the music video, the group enjoys a day at the beach as they run barefoot in the sand and sing for the camera.

Time Out is part of STAYweeK, the fandom’s anniversary celebrations

The Stray Kids fandom turned four years old Stay, For this reason, Stray Kids prepared a series of gifts for fans, among which was Time Out, their most recent mixtape. The group seeks to do this every year celebration to thank the fans for all the support they have given them since their debut. Without a doubt, it is the perfect way to close the week dedicated to Stay. Did you like his new song.

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