Stromae Hits The Met Gala red Carpet For The First Time!

Stromae walked the red carpet of the Met Gala 2022 for the first time. A presence very noticed by the fans! The Met Gala red carpet has again seen big stars pass by this year! The entire Kardashian family, Billie Eilish but also Stromae! This is also the first Met Gala of the Belgian singer.


Stromae was therefore present for this new edition of the Met Gala, but it was not the only one! Indeed, among Cardi B, Nicki Minaj or Ryan Reynolds, a certain Lena Situations was seen climbing the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art!

Known for her August vlogs, Lena Situations is the French-speaking surprise of this Met Gala 2022 with Stromae. Because not only is she French, but she is also the first French influencer to be invited to this ceremony. Just that !

Certainly, rumors were already circulating about his presence at the Met Gala 2022. Indeed, his fans have not missed his partnerships with Vogue lately. In addition, a blogger had swung the info in preview before deleting his post, on the orders of the young woman.

This is still a great victory for the business woman! She paraded on the Met Gala red carpet wearing a strapless floral princess dress, silver shoes and a tiara on her head. The class!

And good news for the young woman, she was not alone for this Met Gala. Another French-speaking artist has infiltrated the red carpet, Stromae.


Stromae is in the spotlight right now! Just returned from the Coachella festival, he is invited for the first time to the Met Gala this Monday, May 2, 2022. He also succeeds Isabelle Huppert, another French-speaking personality, present last year.

As a reminder, the theme for this year’s Met Gala was “Gilded Glamour, white tie”. Stromae therefore wore a plaid suit, a jacket with a cape and Cartier jewelry. All made to measure by his label, Mosaert. Right in the theme!

But the most striking was his haircut. Since the cover of his latest album, fans have understood that the interpreter of Papaoutai liked original hairstyles! And for proof! He walked up the stairs with two braids meeting on the top of his head.

For the moment, Stromae has not spoken on social networks about his visit to the Met Gala. He just reposted a photo of him in a story on Instagram.

On the other hand, he admitted to AFP that he felt “weird” to be there, but that he was still very “honored”, he “the little Belgian”. He remains discreet while it is further proof of his growing notoriety in other countries! He has much to be proud of!

The Belgian singer is only surprising his fans at the moment. He has just released his album Multitude, which is already a success! What will be his next success?

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