Suga and PSY Sang That That together at Summer Swag 2022 #celebrity

PSY fans who attended the Summer Swag concert got the surprise of their lives when BTS’ Suga came on stage when PSY was performing his hit That That, a song produced by the BTS rapper. Completely impressing both the people who were at the event and the fans of both artists who saw the presentation on networks.

Suga of BTS performed at the concert summer swagthe concert of PSY. The idol completely drove the audience crazy when he appeared performing that that, song he produced for the soloist. A moment that the fans of both celebrities completely loved.

ARMY was quite excited to see Suga of BTS have a surprise appearance at PSY’s concert. Although the idol had not been in good health, the fact of seeing him on stage made his followers quite happy, who could not stop talking about the fact that Suga performed That That in a concert.

Suga took the stage with PSY to perform That That

PSY prepared a special surprise at his Summer Swag concert that none of the people who attended his concert expected. And that was the appearance of Suga from BTS on stage when she was performing That That.

This year PSY and Suga released the song that’s that, a tune that the BTS member produced especially for the legendary soloist and in which he ended up participating and dancing even though he only wanted to produce it. The song quickly became a hit and a fan favorite at concerts.

For that reason, although many were waiting for That That at the concert summer swag, they did not expect Suga from BTS to appear mid-performance singing his part. The idol not only sang, but also danced and jumped on the scenery while rapping and ended his performance by dropping the microphone on stage. Completely exciting her followers.

Without a doubt, all the fans got quite excited when they saw Suga take the stage.

Suga’s name became a trend for his appearance with PSY

Upon discovering that Suga was at the PSY concert, the fans were quite excited, knowing that the idol had been sick a few days ago and seeing him so animated and full of energy at the famous soloist’s concert they were overjoyed, confirming that Suga felt much better. Via social networksthe fans did not stop writing messages of emotion when seeing fragments of his presentation. Without a doubt, the idol is in good health.

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