Suga Proposes Another Friendship Tattoo With BTS and RM Rejects it 2022 #Celebrity

Suga: What tattoo did Suga propose for all BTS members to wear? The rapper is convinced of his idea, but RM had the funniest reaction upon hearing it and couldn’t hide his opinion from him.

After the release of his album proofthe members of BTS They revealed that they would have a tattoo group, several of them have already placed a number 7 on their skin and the rest are preparing to do the same, only not all of them have chosen where they want to wear this number in a tattoo.

However, although this seal of friendship is still in process, Suga You already have another idea for a tattoo that you could share with your fellow K-Pop group, will you be able to convince them?

At the close of HOLIDAY 2022the boys of BTS had a dinner broadcast online so that fans could also see it, it was here that the boys announced their plans to work on solo projects, but it was also revealed that Yoongi proposed another friendship tattoo for the group.

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Suga wants to get a red thread tattoo with BTS, what did RM say about it?

In the middle of the conversation, Yoongi shared that it would be a good idea to get a red son tattoo, a figure often associated with being destined to meet. Although Daechwita’s interpreter said it with confidence, not all of her classmates agreed with the ideal.

MR for example, he repeated the phrase ‘red thread’ as if he wanted to make sure he had heard correctly, but when he confirmed it he couldn’t help making disapproving faces. oops!

Jimin and Suga discuss if a red thread is really ideal for BTS’s tattoo

Hearing the rapper’s idea, Jimin He also seemed puzzled and laughingly told his partner that the red son meant love, pointing out that it might not be the best alternative for his friendship tattoo.

But Suga had the best response to that argument and simply said:

Is love? I love our members

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