Sunmi Will Be The New Showterview MC, Replacing Jessi 2022 #Celebrity

Sunmi: A few months ago, Jessi saddened Showterview fans by announcing that she would no longer host the show. However, a new stage is about to begin and she will be joined by the talented singer Sunmi, who will bring a refreshing and completely new style to the show. What is known so far from Showterview with Sunmi?

Sunmi will be the new face of the variety show showterview, which was previously hosted by famous rapper Jessi. Sunmi plans to give the show a refreshing new style for all the guest artists.

Showterview is a K-Pop group talk show that was hosted for two years by rapper Jessi. This show garnered great attention and love from viewers due to the rapper’s fun and carefree attitudes, which brought a special, homey touch to the show.

Singer Sunmi has had a successful solo career since the disbandment of Wonder Girls, a group she was in. In addition to that, she is known for her great charisma and fun personality, so viewers are very curious to see her as the host of the show.

Sunmi was selected as the new host of Showterview

Singer Sunmi was selected to carry on Jessi’s legacy and be the new face of showterview. sources close to SBS reported that Sunmi has already filmed the first episode of the show and it is expected to air in late July.

With Sunmi as driver kicks off a completely different new stage for the show, which has been loved by fans for the fun and relaxed episodes in which many K-Pop artists were previously invited.

Although so far it has not been revealed who will be the first guest of Sunmi, many fans are very curious. In addition, they also want to know who will accompany the singer on the road. Details that have not yet been revealed by the company.

For her part, Sunmi is currently preparing for her comeback with the song Heart Burn, which will be revealed on June 29 this year. Without a doubt, it will be a great month for Sunmi fans.

Jessi announced that she would be stepping down as Showterview’s MC at the end of April.

A few weeks ago jessie She surprised Showterview fans by announcing that after two years hosting the show she would no longer be its host. On her 95th episode and with PSY as the last guest artist, Jessi announced that she would be leaving the show because she wanted to retire as long as the show was loved by the fans. The rapper completely cheered up the viewers with her fun and laid-back attitude, creating many hilarious moments with the guest artists.

Now that Sunmi will be replacing the iconic rapper, many fans are curious about the style of the show. Wondering if she’ll have a vibe similar to when Jessi was driving. The first episode with Sunmi plans to premiere at the end of April. Who do you think will be her first guest artist?

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