Sweet and Sour, A Film About Long-Distance Relationships 2022 #Celebrity

Sweet and Sour, also known as Sweet and Bitter is a 2021 South Korean film that talks about the challenges faced by couples who decided to have a long-distance relationship and how, contrary to popular belief, love is not forever and has constant changes and transformation. A perfect movie to enjoy these days.

Sweet and Sour is a movie starring Jang Ki Yong from 2021, in which the main character gets caught up in a love triangle as their relationship begins to fracture over distance. Do you want to know why you should not miss this movie?

South Korea has many movies that are perfect to enjoy on a Sunday afternoon and they have hundreds of genres to choose from. If this time you want to see a romantic movie, Sweet and Sour is a perfect recommendation for you.

Although many of us like to believe that love is forever, the reality is that it is constantly changing and some Korean movies fully explore how feelings can change and on many occasions love has an expiration date.

Reasons to see Sweet and Sour this weekend

The story features Jang Hyuk, a young man who is deeply in love with his girlfriend but whose life begins to change when he has to move for his job, beginning to have a long-distance relationship. However, things get complicated when his attractive co-worker starts flirting with him and he begins to question if he is really still in love with his girlfriend, wondering about his new partner.

The main character is played by Jang Ki Yong, who appeared in Now, We Are Breaking Up, the role of his girlfriend is Chae Soo Bin, an actress who appeared in Rookie Cops alongside Kang Daniel. Lastly, the attractive co-worker is Krystal, who starred in the drama Crazy Love.

The movie lasts one hour and forty minutes, which goes by very quickly through its funny scenes and almost at the end it shows you a plot twist that will leave you completely surprised.

Where can I see Sweet and Sour are subtitles in Spanish?

Sweet and Sour is available on the streaming platform Netflix and you can also see it with dubbing in Latin Spanish. It’s a perfect option to watch this Saturday night if you don’t have any pending dramas and want to relax with a quick movie. If you already saw this movie, tell us what you liked the most.

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