Sweet Home 2 and 3 Confirmed, Meet The Cast of The Netflix Drama 2022 #Celebrity

Sweet Home 2: The popular Korean horror drama Sweet Home will have two new seasons, Netflix recently confirmed. Viewers who enjoyed the first installment could not hide their excitement, especially when they found out about the cast that will continue to appear in such an impressive series. Which actors will return to Sweet Home?

Sweet Home 2 and 3 are already confirmed. Great news for fans who enjoyed the first installment of this horror drama. Not only the new seasons, but the main cast has also been confirmed, and fans are happy to see familiar faces return.

One of the dramas that attracted the most attention in recent months was Sweet Home. A Netflix original Korean horror-thriller series that features an appearance by Song Kang, the actor who gained attention after his starring role in Love Alarm.

For this reason, the announcement of the second and third season made viewers too happy, who were left wanting to know what would happen to the rest of the Sweet Home characters.

Netflix confirms the cast for the second and third season of Sweet Home

Netflix confirmed to the cast that they will appear in the second and third seasons of Sweet Home. Many of whom had important roles during the first season. Completely thrilling viewers who wanted to see familiar faces.

Actor Song Kang will be back in his lead role as Hyun Soo, as well as Lee Jin Wook as the mysterious Sang Wook. Lee Si Young, Go Min Si and Park Gyu Young will be other actors who will return with their old characters in this new installment.

On the other hand, new faces will appear such as veteran actor Yoo Oh Sung, Oh Jung Se, Kim Moo Yeol, and Jinyoung. Who will play the special forces team that will possibly go to save our protagonists. Are you excited about the new cast?

What is Sweet Home about and where to watch all three seasons?

Sweet Home is about a young victim of bullying who decides to move into a building. However, shortly after moving in, he realizes that some strange monsters begin to attack the people who live there. So he will end up joining his neighbors to try to protect themselves and survive from the creatures that are attacking them. This horror and suspense drama thrilled thousands and you can watch it on the streaming platform Netflix.

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