Sweet Scenes From Extraordinary Attorney Woo That Marked The Drama 2022 #Celebrity

Extraordinary Attorney Woo: The plot of this drama is conquering fans from all over the world, Extraordinary Attorney Woo has unforgettable scenes that moved us and moved us by the beautiful interactions and dialogues between the characters.

This Korean series is capturing the attention of fans, its story is full of very important lessons and messages, but we also see the sweetness in several moments where the characters of the kdrama show their great charm.

Through a very peculiar legal history, Extraordinary Attorney Woo gives us a glimpse into the romance and friendship that come into the life of the lawyer played by Park Eun-bin when he starts working at a law firm.

If you are already watching this Korean drama, you will surely remember these scenes full of exciting gestures very well, but if you are just starting the series, you will surely feel much more motivated to enjoy its episodes.

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Extraordinary Attorney Woo moments that are unforgettable

  • In charm of the whales

One of the most memorable scenes of this drama occurs when Jun Ho begins to get closer to Young Woo and discovers his love for whales, so he decides to take her to see a huge mural that causes an incomparable shine in the girl’s eyes.

  • How to find out if it’s love?

When Woo Young Woo begins to have feelings for Jun Ho, he thinks that the only way to find out if he likes him is to touch him directly. Considering that she avoids physical contact with others this is very peculiar, but she gave us a scene with a dose of flirtation and a mysterious ending.

  • Woo Young Woo’s first kiss

Recently the main couple of the drama started dating after Lee Jun Ho’s confession, shortly after we saw them share their first kiss and he even shared some tips in response to the girl’s doubts. aww

  • Woo Young Woo wants to conquer Lee Jung Ho

The most considerate and attentive side of the lawyer came out when we suddenly saw her taking care of Jun Ho, opening the car door for him, protecting him while they walk together and even helping him carry a box with documents, but the boy’s reaction was equally unforgettable. .

Su Yeon asked Woo Young Woo to choose a nickname for her, but the lawyer replied with a whole list of qualities and actions that make her like a ray of sunshine.

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