Swiss Bank Adds Support For Cardano Staking

The Swiss-based digital asset bank has announced that it has added support for Cardano staking. Switzerland-based Sygnum Bank, the world’s first regulated digital asset bank, announced that it has added support for Cardano staking.

Announcing the news on its blog page, Sygnum Bank also stated that they offer corporate-grade security for their customers.

Cardano first started offering staking rewards with the launch of the Shelley mainnet in July 2020. Holders of ADA, the native token of the Cardano network, can earn passive income by transferring their tokens to stake pools. As of now, 3,180 staking pools are operating.

The digital asset bank supports Cardano as well as cryptocurrencies of networks such as Ethereum and Tezos.

Sygnum Bank also added support for cryptocurrencies of some DeFi projects last June.

Vasil Hard Fork Upgrade Won’t Be Delayed

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson made a statement about Cardano’s highly anticipated vasil hard fork.

Hoskinson stated that the upgrade, which has been delayed several times before, will not be delayed any longer.

“We are in the final stages of testing, I don’t think we will have any more delays unless something new is discovered”

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