Taehyung admires Conan Grey, How Did He React When He Found Out? 2022 #Celebrity

Although the members of BTS are the inspiration of many fans and artists, there are also performers whom they admire and do not hesitate to give them compliments for their work. V declared himself a fan of singer Conan Gray and the American artist spoke about it.

BTS members love to communicate with their fans, and whether through posts or live broadcasts, they have repeatedly recommended songs to their fans or simply tell them about their favorite tunes to listen to at certain times.

For a long time, Taehyung has proven to be a fan of the music of Conan Gray the talented American singer-songwriter who performs tunes like Memories, Disaster and People Watching.

Conan Gray traveled to Seoul and was on an SBS radio show, this topic came up during the interview and he shared his feelings after learning that v of bts listen to the songs he has released.

Conan Gray couldn’t believe BTS’s V spoke so highly of his music

The host of the program recalled that Taehyung has mentioned Conan on several occasions, but also that the K-Pop idol from HYBE He pointed out that he considers him one of the artists who inspire him the most. Awww!

When asking this artist how he felt about that statement, he shared that he heard about it a while ago through Twitter, but at the time he couldn’t believe that he was getting that kind of feedback from a singer like V.

He’s so talented, when I got that tweet a few years ago, I thought it was impossible because all those guys (BTS) are so talented…

Conan Gray saw BTS live during one of the PTD On Stage concerts

The interpreter of Heather He also pointed out that recently he was able to see BTS in concert and was impressed with the idols’ show K-Pop. Conan Gray noted that he and his friends attended Permission To Dance On Stage during one of the shows in the city of Los Angeles.

Following Conan Gray’s remarks, many fans have pointed out how great it would be if Taehyung collaborated with the singer on a song in the near future, and while there really seems to be no plans for it, there’s always a possibility.

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