Taehyung Confessed Which Color Best Describes Each BTS Member 2022 #Celebrity

Taehyung: Although the members of Bangtan Sonyeondan have their specific favorite colors, their aura or personality expresses another color. In the case of V, they have well defined the colors that describe his companions, at least for him. What colors would the members of BTS be?

Taehyung He recently appeared on the Snack Time show, where he was asked several questions. One of the questions was what color It represents to each member of BTS so the idol did not take long to give his opinion on the matter and define, for him, what color is each member.

For many fans, the members of BTS represent specific colors, a clear example would be with the colors of the microphones that each one uses during their presentations. However, Taehyung has a different perspective on what colors best represent his teammates.

On many occasions, describing a person by some color is something simple, either because it is your favorite color or because, when living with that person, their personality reminds you of that color. These are the colors that V considers to represent each of her companions.

The colors that V chose for each member of BTS according to their personalities

On the Snack Time show where BTS’s V recently performed, he was asked several questions. One of them particularly caught the attention of ARMY and it was about what color he considered to represent each member of BTS.

Without much thought, Taehyung started to say what colors he thought each member of the group was. The first was Jin, the idol mentioned that Jin has always expressed a liking for pink, but considers it gray. For RM he chose red, because he considers red to be the color of a leader.

When asked what color he considers to be J-Hope, assured that he is definitely blue. In the case of Suga, he could be gray, but it’s also a deeper color, so he ended up choosing navy blue. For Jungkook chose black. As to Jimin had a dilemma when choosing his color, since while he considered that it could be orange, it could also be a charcoal gray, two completely opposite colors.

What color represents Taehyung from BTS?

Even though Taehyung described each member’s color, he forgot to mention them. So ARMY could not know what is the color that identifies her idol. However, many fans consider that the color that represents him could be green because it is the color of his microphone when he performs with BTS. What color do you think Taehyung would be?

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