Taehyung Conquers Composer of Broadway Musicals 2022 #Celebrity

Taehyung: BTS members always find a way to steal attention with their great charisma and talent. This time it was V, who caught the attention of Frank Wildhorn, composer of several Broadway musicals, who after hearing him sing, wanted to have him as the lead in Jekyll & Hyde. Will Taehyung enter the world of musicals?

Taehyung of BTS caught the attention of composer Frank Wildhorn, who recently revealed that the idol would become the lead in his musical broadway Jekyll & Hyde. He also confessed the reasons why V would be perfect for the role.

BTS V’s voice has not only fascinated his fans, he has also managed to capture the attention of dozens of celebrities and professionals. Those who have been fascinated with his vocal range and consider him perfect to appear in musicals.

For this reason, Frank Wildhorn, composer of several Broadway musicals, wants V to have the main role in his musical Jekyll & Hyde and the reasons why he wants him to appear in it fascinated ARMY.

BTS’s V could have the main role of Jekyll & Hyde, says Frank Wildhorn

In a recent interview, Frank Wildhorn, composer of Broadway musicals, confessed the reasons why he wants Taehyung to star in his musical Jekyll & Hyde, assuring that the idol would be perfect to play the main character.

Frank Wildhorn confessed that a few months ago he was on Instagram and suddenly his friends began to fill him with messages to let him know that V was singing This is the Momentsong composed by Frank Wildhorn for the musical Jekyll & Hyde.

As soon as he heard him sing, he was completely fascinated and assured that Taehyung would be perfect to take the main role in his work. However, he assured that since he has no way to contact the idol, he hoped that the reporters would get the message from him and that he would be glad if V decided to accept the role.

A few years ago, V ventured into the world of acting with his appearance in Hwarang: The Beginning, where he stole the hearts of thousands with his cute character. Since then, she has not returned to acting but many wonder what she would look like in a musical. You can listen to Taehyung singing here:

Will Taehyung agree to star in the musical Jekyll & Hyde?

So far, it is unknown if Taehyung already found out about Frak Wildhorn’s offer, as neither he nor BIG HIT have made a statement about it. However, many fans are curious and excited about the idol’s response. Since, now that they will focus on their solo careers, they would love to see the talented artist perform in a Broadway musical. Would you like to see him as Jekyll and Hyde?

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