Taehyung Cries cheering Park Hyoshin on The Man Who Laughs 2022 #Celebrity

Taehyung: V enjoyed a slot in his schedule joining the audience of the musical The Man Who Laughs, the BTS singer is friends with a cast member, and the cast revealed that Taehyung even cried watching the show.

As you know, currently each of the members of BTS is focused on different activities and projects, as we will see the seven show us more of their facet as a soloist. Despite all the plans they have as a group and individually, not everything is work and they are also taking advantage of their free time.

Recently, Taehyung was captured when the K-Pop idol arrived at the venue where the show is presented musical piece called The Man Who Laughs, how much did you enjoy the show?

A work of this style combines two of the greatest passions of v: music and acting, but the singer of bts not only did he pay close attention to the event, but he was reunited with a good friend and even cried with the story.

V was reunited with his friend Park Hyoshin in the play The Man Who Laughs

One of the main reasons why Taehyung chose to attend this staging is because the singer park hyoshin is part of the stars of The Man Who Laughs. they have been good friends for a long time and that is why the idol of HYBE she couldn’t miss the chance to cheer him up.

At the end of the show, the BTS member even took a picture with him, Lee Soo Bin, and actress Kim Sohyang, capturing the feat at the theater and the idol’s visit in memories.

BTS’s Taehyung cried watching The Man Who Laughs and an actress gave him away

The actors who met V after his performance in the musical did not hesitate to share the photo they took backstage, but actress Kim Sohyang also shared a bit of her experience meeting the idol.

It was so that she shared that Taehyung had cried when he saw Josiana, one of the characters in this musical, a detail that aroused the curiosity of many about the performance and interpretation that the talented cast made.

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