Taehyung’s Christmas Tree Could Win Best OST, Predictions 2022 #Celebrity

Taehyung: Our Beloved Summer had many hit songs within their OST and V’s Christmas Tree was one of them. How likely is it that V of BTS will win the award for Best Drama OST with this song?

A few months ago we heard Taehyung’s voice again in Korean dramas, the idol of bts sang a tune for the drama Our Beloved Summer starring Choi Woo Shik. The song christmas-tree It was a complete success, breaking records and showing its great impact.

The kdrama which ended in January 2022 will be competing alongside other Korean series for different awards for actors, writers and more, but also the OST will receive recognition so v I might as well get an award.

Since we are only in the seventh month of 2022, it is still too early to know who will take the title to Best OSTbut there are some signs that point to the idol of k pop as a possible winner.

V’s Christmas Tree Might Be Named Best OST According To Expert Predictions

Like every year, before we get closer to the awards season, different specialists reveal their predictions about which Korean entertainment stars will take home awards in the different categories.

It was thus that it became known that Taehyung is one of the candidates to obtain the award in mma and, for now, it has been placed in the top 3 of the most possible to obtain the title of Best OST with Christmas Tree. This is not definitive, as there is still a long way to go to know the nominees and winners, but the experts are already choosing the favorites.

Which songs would compete with V’s Christmas Tree for Best OST?

Our Beloved Summer has several possible nominees for this title within the MMA Awards, starting with the track Drawer by 10CM, Maybe if by BIBI and of course, Christmas Tree by Taehyung.

Also, A Business Proposal has been pointed out as a candidate Love, Maybe from Melomance and Twenty Five, Twenty One with Your Existence by Wonstein. Which track would you like to see win? Remember that these are just predictions and nothing has been decided about the nominees, much less the winners, but we will keep you informed of any developments in this regard.

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